8 Reasons Why the 13th World Wushu Championships Will be the Best Ever

The 13th World Wushu Championships will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia from October 11-18, 2015. Here are 8 reasons why these championships will be the best ever:

Exotic Jakarta

During your stay in the Indonesian capital you can also experience some of the best the city has to offer. After a long, exciting day's action you can unwind by taking in some of Jakarta's culture, experiencing the wonderful local cuisine and doing some shopping in one the many malls, antique and craft markets. You can also visit the National Museum, the Jakarta Cathedral or do a walking tour of the city. So many things to see and do!

Experienced Local Organising Committee

The Indonesia Wushu Association, who has successfully hosted the World Junior Championships (2008) and the Sanda World Cup (2014), is a seasoned and experienced host and promises to celebrate a smooth-run event with the warmest hospitality.


Live Streaming on Wushu TV!

One new feature we're over the moon about is the launch of Wushu TV, our brand new live streaming and multimedia platform. You can watch every minute of the championships online, wherever you are (and replay your favorite moments).

Jet Li Attending!

Wushu brand ambassador Hollywood superstar Jet Li will be joining us at the opening ceremony. We can't wait for you to see him live and in person!

New Traditional Events

The 13th World Wushu Championships will be the most extensive ever after it was decided that four new traditional wushu events will be included in the schedule. The four new events are men's Xingyiquan, men's dadao, women's Baguazhang and women's shuangjian. We really look forward to seeing these new events come to life out on the carpet.

Become a Global Star

Through the launch of our live streaming site Wushu TV, athletes have the chance to become global stars of our ever more popular sport. Participants will be seen by thousands of viewers around the planet, and the event will bring the world's best wushu to screens everywhere. Are you ready for the limelight?

New Degrees of Difficulty

For the first time a degree of difficulty in the long weapons division will be included which means that we will see the highest skill and competitive level ever seen at a World Wushu Championship in those disciplines. Get ready to take notes!